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Book Talk...12/25/15

Book Talk...12/25/15
Traci Kenworth

1. Revival by Stephen King Scribner 2014. Horror. One day while playing with his matchbox cars, a shadow falls over Jamie Morton that stays with him most of his life. The shadow being Reverand Charles Jacobs, the new Protestant preacher. Soon Reverand Jacobs is joined by his wife and son and things look to be rosy for all but not long after their move, Patsy Jacobs and her son Morrie are in a fatal accident. Reverend Jacobs is beside himself with grief and gives a sermon suggesting there is no God, there couldn't be, or he wouldn't allow such things to happen. The church's deacons meet quickly and Reverend Jacobs is let go. Jamie feels bad for him and ashamed that his family has turned aside from him after Reverend Jacobs healed his brother. Reverend Jacobs tells him a secret about lightning, a secret that will lead young Jamie and his girlfriend to a mountaintop and a severe lightning storm. Years pass and the sermon is forgotten by most but it has its effects on Jamie and his life takes a turn for the worse. At his lowest point, he runs into Reverend Jacobs again, now calling himself by another name. He cures Jamie of his problem, but there's a cost. As time goes by, Jamie learns of others saved by Jacob's Holy Rings in revival events. He begins to investigate things and doesn't like what he finds. Soon, he will be forced to confront Jacobs and when an old loved one comes under Jacob's influence, will he be able to save them? And end the revivals once and for all? 

The story was compelling and well written. No surprise there!! I did have mixed feelings about the ending and felt it could have gone a different direction ala Pet Semetary but it was a horrifying end and made you question things. I'm not sure he meant for us all to come to the same conclusion and I'm sure mine may be different from your thoughts but it is a good read. I enjoyed the cat-and-mouse struggle between the protagonist and antagonist. I DO recommend those who like horror or suspense read it however.

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