Friday, November 20, 2015

Book Talk...11/20/15

Book Talk...11/20/15
Traci Kenworth

1. Paradise Lost & Paradise Regained by John Milton. A Signet Classic.1968. I've decided to try and read more classics and this one I wanted to read because it was the foundation for Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials series. This is the story of Adam's and Eve's downfall (Paradise Lost) and then the Savior's story (Paradise Regained). It was difficult to get much out of this when I first read it but that was because I made the mistake of thinking I didn't need to read the footnotes. Once I started doing that and went back through, I found the work enlightening. In The Bible, the story of the downfall is so short. Here it is expanded and the devil's viewpoint is given as well. It becomes the story of his downfall as well, I think. As the story progresses, he is more and more netted by his deeds until Jesus at last triumphs over him.

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