Friday, September 11, 2015

Book Talk…9/11/15
Traci Kenworth

1.      Summer Marked by Rebekah L. Purdy. Entangled 2015, Sept. Netgalley. Salome’s world changes forever when she is forced to go to Summer to evade the Winter Queen. With Gareth as her guard, attacks are frequent on them. They reach Faerie and are united with Nevin once again, after a sword that has been missing for centuries chooses Salome to wield it. Not long after their arrival, a golden tattoo marking her as Queen of Summer mysteriously appears. When Salome’s life is held in the balance by a former best friend, can Gareth and Nevin do what it takes to rescue her? Another Fabulous read!! I loved the magic, seeing what it was like on the dark side so to speak, and the characters involved. Gareth and Salome are still a mega-hot couple. I anxiously await the final book in the trilogy!!

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