Sunday, August 23, 2015

Book Talk...8/28/15

Book Talk 8/28/15
Traci Kenworth

1.      The Subtle Knife Philip Pullman.  Book Two. 1997 Alfred A. Knopf. Will, trying to protect his mother from thieves, hides her at his old piano teacher’s house then he finds a window between worlds and climbs inside with the help of a housecat. He’s searching for his father, who also found a window between the worlds when Will was just a toddler. The thieves are trying to find out info about his father and may be tied to the gov’t. Lyra runs into Will in the new world. They form a quick friendship that is also a means of survival for both but when old enemies track them in Will’s world they return to the new to hide. Unfortunately, Lyra loses her alethiometer to one of them and in order to retrieve it, they must get a weapon called the subtle knife. This book was MAGICAL!! I cried for the characters, held my breath when they confronted enemies, and rejoiced when they triumphed. I can’t wait to read the last book in the series!!

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