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Book Talk 5 /15/15

Book Talk
Traci Kenworth

1.      The Writer’s Guide to Fantasy Literature from Dragon’s Lair to Hero’s Quest Write Fantasy Stories of Lasting Value Edited by Philip Martin The Writers Co. 2002: In fantasy, magic is the analogy; it is the spark that lights our imagination, that fires up our dreams. “Fantasy allows us to return for a few precious moments to that luminous realm of childhood, to a time when our unlimited powers of imagination and our hopes to discover our place in the world are all one.” I really enjoyed reading this book. There was a lot of valuable information from the state of being an orphan to the building blocks of fantasy. Another quote I love: “While science fiction looks outward, fantasy looks inward into ourselves, where wonder and wishes overcome knowledge, where belief overrules science. Rooted in inner beliefs and values. It is about good and bad, right and wrong. It startles us with wonder yet soothes us with a familiar lullaby.” With advice from a lot of the greats, it’s a book that discusses the different types of fantasy, the heroes themselves, and magic. I highly recommend if you’re interested in in writing fantasy.

2.      Writing Fantasy & Science Fiction How to create out-of-this-world Novels and Short Stories Orson Scott Card, Philip Athans, Jay Lake, and the Editors of Writer’s Digest 2013: PACKED with info!! Not only does it list various authorsto look into their works, but it also explores science fiction and fantasy in-depth. “SF is about what could be but isn’t, fantasy is about what couldn’t be.” It goes through craft nuggets like info must be trickled into a story, just enough so the reader knows what’s happening. Also, it advises against too many names at once so that you can keep track of the pov character. It explains that when fantasies are written about people of high station living in heroic times, a more formal, elevated level of diction is called for. On the other hand, when you’re creating low comedy, diction can range from the mock heroic to the coarse. It discusses feudalism, Christianity, the social order, ecclesiastic titles, different cultures and societies one might write about that few have, magic, legends and myths, magical creatures and beasts. There’s info on castles, the people in them, their lives, sieges, etc.

3.      Awakening by Shannon Duffy. Entangled 2015. This book hurtles through a dystopian society in a pulse-pounding rush of andrenaline. Desiree Six’s life with the Protectorate is on-track until a bully from her past is chosen as her Binding Mate. Within days, a boy she used to know and is now accused of murdering his parents and plotting against the Protectorate escapes the Terrorscope. He finds her less than willing to accept the truth: that the government murdered his parents and what’s more, they stole the memories of Desiree’s sister, Sophia. As the two begin a cat-and-mouse came with the Protectorate and Desiree discovers things may not be all they seem, the worlds are turned upside down. Desiree appeals to her parents for help in leaving the society but it comes too late as she and Darian are thrust into the Terrorscope forever. Awesome, awesome book!!

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