Friday, October 2, 2015

Writerly Things...10/02/15

Writerly Things…10/02/15
Traci Kenworth
I’ve been liking working on multiple projects at once. It seems to keep me moving and I don’t get blocked. Right now, I’m working on a YA Fantasy-horror, as my main project. I’m in editing stages, or to be more precise, on the second draft. It’s going pretty well but some days are better than others. I call it MF for short. I wrote the query for it last week and I’m running that by my critique partner. I also have an MG Fantasy that’s in the first draft stages. It’s inspired by a recent death in the family and growing up with him. It’s funny the things in life that can get you motivated. That’s titled Ruella for short.
I’m researching a historical set in the old west. It’s a romance title. I’m pretty excited about the characters and the storyline. I had to look into the correct tribes that would be in my setting. I found several great links and I’ve been to the library to research the area in question so I get my facts right. This is called LO for short. Lastly, I’m writing a short story about bugs. Squirmy, scream-inducing bugs, lol. I’m hoping to have ready to submit it to a magazine in the few weeks ahead.
What are some of your projects? Do you work on more than one thing at a time? Does it help? Hinder? Thanks, for stopping by!

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