Friday, July 31, 2015

Book Talk...7/31/15

Book Talk…7/31/15
Traci Kenworth

1.      Anya and the Shy Guy. A Backstage Pass novel by Suze Winegardner. Entangled. 2015. Arc received from NetGalley. This was a tearjerker read!! Anya, who’s lived on the streets since she was fifteen, tries her luck at writing an article on the S2J band guys and ends up falling for one of the guys, but is he who he seems? Another success in this series!! I’d recommend it to anyone who loves boy bands or just love in general.

2.      Compulsion by Martina Boone. Simon Pulse 2014. This was an AMAZING read!! Barrie Watson goes home to Watson’s Landing, her mother’s birthplace and a mystery begging for her to solve it. Barrie has a gift, a finder’s gift and it sets her on a mission to discover why the past haunts her new home. Along the way, she meets Eight Beaufort, who has gifts of his own. I loved the characters, the storyline, the whole mystery of it all. I can’t wait to read the second book of The Watson Heirs: Persuasion due out this Oct. 2015.


  1. These sound good, especially Compulsion. Thanks for sharing!